Anthropologie Wedding Gowns

Fashion, flowers, and interiors are all close cousins, and as such, all passions of mine. These gorgeous Anthropologie gowns were not available when I tied the knot.  Don't get me wrong, I still love and appreciate the Vera Wang my parents so generously gifted me. However,  if these had been available, they would have been serious contenders, and at a fraction of the price, it would have been a tough competition!! A marriage renewal ceremony every ten years should be mandatory- non? One dress, one time-- is just not enough. 

Hello Yellow!!

You may have seen this yellow treasure in the floral section lately. It is fabulous on its own, placed in a vase, in big bunches, and stays looking good long after it has dried! Craspedia makes a beautiful display for any aesthetic. 

Lots of Lillies

Lots of lilies, cut short, and placed in a square vase is all it takes!! These were at my local Publix, 3 bundles for $12- I used 4 bundles to get this full display. Hard to believe this only cost $16, and that this is all it takes to transform a room, from blah to ahhhhhhhh! Flowers, my friends, flowers...................

Tuberous Begonias

I found a new favorite- Tuberous Begonias!! I spotted them on our last trip to Highlands, NC in various planters and in different colors. So, I made my way to one of the local nurseries and treated myself to one! I mixed it with other favorites, such as lemon cypress cones, a small kimberly queen fern, sweet potato and angel vines. What a beauty!!

Happy Mother's Day

Beauty is as beauty does! Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom (top photo).
Happy Mother's Day to her mom (pictured below, with me), my grandmother! She's holding me as I pick cherries off the tree.  This is when my love of gardening must have been born!


Orange Tulips

Orange tulips trimmed and set loosely in a glass vase. 
Doesn't get much easier or much prettier. 
Thanks to Joshua Vensel of Venvisio Photography for taking this beautiful photo!

Oh so Succulent

What a feast for the eyes and soul! These sweet succulents are too pretty to resist. I potted 8 of them in a vintage bowl and put them on my coffee table. It was just the thing to cure those winter blues!!

Hello Hellebores

It's hard to believe these beautiful flowers were resting under snow and ice a week ago, just waiting to make their debut! A few years ago, my friend, Lyn was dividing her lenten roses and gave me a nice bunch to plant in my garden. It took them a couple of years to establish themselves and develop these gorgeous blooms. It was well worth the wait. Thanks, Lyn!!

Happy Valentine's Day

Snapped a photo of these sweet swans while they were enjoying some alone time on Lake Sequoyah in Highlands, NC. They literally took my breath away when I saw them, and I asked my Valentine to stop the car so I could take their picture. In a word, they're majestic (not to mention monogamous). I know that's two words, but I couldn't help myself:) 
Happy Valentine's Day!