Lovely Liriope

When most people think of the prevalent ground cover, liriope, the image below comes to mind, but when I think of it, I envision dozens of its flowering stems, cut, and formed into a tight bouquet gracing a silver mint julep cup. Against a sea of white, it's truly a feast for the eyes. Amazing how a certain flower and vessel combination can actually transform the feeling of a neutral interior- making the same space feel fresh and unique with each arrangement- 
that's how I love to style a space.


Love ferns! They look especially lovely in creamy white vessels, and in just the right spot, they can bring a room to life. One of my favorite varieties for indoor use, is the dulles fern. With its compact leaves, and full, but tidy appearance, it's a great choice for showing off both plant and vessel. It also sheds its leaves much less than its famous cousin (with longer fronds), the boston fern.